Shopping Online – Is Online Shopping Killing the High Street Stores?

One of the major impacts of the economic downturn following the financial crisis of 2008 was the number of shops that were closed on the high streets. This, coupled with statistics documenting the rise of online shopping, has led to the suggestion that online shopping is killing the high street. When discussing a topic such as this it is important to analyse all of the factors involved rather than jumping in with a knee jerk reaction.

Historically, many towns and cities grew larger and developed during the industrial period. People left the rural areas where subsistence farming had been the norm, becoming more specialized in their work and making them further removed from growing their own food and other basic industries. This coupled with a new product range in the industrial economy led to the creation of shops to cater for the emerging working population and their needs. At this time there were separate shops for shoes, clothes, accessories and many other items. Shops were not only opened in the town centres but also on the outskirts along all of the main roads.

During the early twentieth century there was the development of the department store. Suddenly clothes, shoes, furniture and other items could be bought under one roof. Similarly, in the late twentieth century came the development of the supermarket which combined all of the items from the previously separate food shops. Both department stores and Supermarkets were able to out-compete the independent shops to a large extent by having more buying power and they were able to get better terms from the wholesalers and producers. They were also able to offer a greater variety of goods.

Towns and cities also started to build Shopping Centres, based on American Malls, leading to more pressure on the other high street shops. With increased traffic in the town centres, Out of Town shopping centres and retail parks have also emerged offering easy car access and free parking.

As you can see this is all one way traffic, increasing competition and capacity to a finite level of expenditure that shoppers and the economy can afford. This has made it incredibly difficult for the high street traders to keep their shops open.

Finally, internet shopping has also really taken off in the developed countries. Undoubtedly it too has had an impact on the high street and all of the offline / traditional retailers. Although merchants such as Amazon who have no retail premises to maintain are at an advantage, other more traditional shopping chains and departments stores more than hold their own in the digital world.

Indeed the present and the future will have to involve a mixture of Online and Offline shopping. Shoppers may see the goods they like online and collect them in-store. Similarly, when your local shop is out of stock of an item you missed, you can instantly check online using a smart phone to see if it is available elsewhere.

There has never been a better time for the shopper. The sheer variety of goods available from all over the world is truly spectacular. But this is not to imply the end of the traditional high street shop as we know it. People like to see the reality, feel the material and try the clothes on to see how they fit.

However, the high street has excess capacity from the last 50 years of changes to our retail landscape as documented in the article. It should still possible for creative independents to be successful by offering the right goods, with the right customer service that will maintain the support and loyalty of their customers.

Online Shopping: The In-Thing For Modern Man

Are you fond of shopping? Are you the one who pre-plans the items to be bought but ends up buying more than that had been listed? Or are you among those who never find time for shopping and therefore the lists and pre-planning become meaningless because you are just not able to decide or find time for the right items? Well, if you are the answer to the latter question, then you must be thankful to the technology developers for making your life simple and convenient, allowing you to buy products online instantly in conjunction with the spot-on free shipping.

Most companies have launched online buying websites for their products. Now you can save travelling hours and simply browse through the portfolios and place your order. Sometimes payment is made on delivery while other times they offer to receive payments via debit cards. Whoa!! With everything being connected with technology, life cannot be envisaged without it. It has crept notably into our lives and thought processes making us forever dependent upon it. But wait! Let’s return to the online shopping benefits that the customers can take advantage of. So, if you want to purchase instantly online, a few tips outlined below might come in handy while shopping.

‘All’s well that ends well!’ Therefore, make sure that you start your online shopping journey safely. You must use a computer that is free of any viruses because this could mean that the virus would crawl into your system files and steal all your personal records. Now this is pretty much scary! Well, avoiding it is mandatory.

Secondly, if you are shopping for technological gizmos or products, ONLY official websites must be visited to avoid any possibility of scams. Obviously, this website would be reliable and you can always confirm by taking a look at the ratings and reviews that must be flooded all over the net. Nonetheless, not all reviews would be certified.

Online shopping tips mark the next tip to be the most crucial one. Why? It is due to most people having been fooled when they have neglected this one. Seemingly useless, it is a must. Keep a record of all the mails that you have received while you are on dealing terms with the specific online market. You can always provide it as evidences if any disputes arise later.

The shopping online tips aforementioned definitely appear strange because with the word ‘shopping online’ anything beyond money, products, accessories and computer is incomprehensible. Withal, these tips will not contribute to your shopping experience as a whole; they will undoubtedly secure your purchases. You would be able to assure yourself that you have taken the maximum security measures while you are confirming purchases. Security must be there and therefore shopping does not fall out of it.

So save money on fuel consumption and start purchasing by making use of the online shopping tips. You would be grateful to have read through these when you apply these tips in actuality. Happy Shopping!

Online Shopping for Clothes: Tips and Facts

Nowadays online shopping for fashionable clothes has become very popular all over the world. It seems that online shopping for apparel is much more convenient. Consumers have this great opportunity to browse an international clothing market at the simple click of a button.

Undoubtedly, online stores for clothes have become the new hit. Today you can buy everything from an e-store – from the socks and the underwear, through women and men tops to the sportswear and the coats, including fashion accessories such as hats, bags, you name it. You can shop while drinking your coffee at home, during your break at the office, at any time, at any place. You had a busy day at work and it’s already late in the day, and you have a party approaching – the perfect solution is to lounge on your couch and start browsing for online shop offering clothes that match your style. Also, many e-shops make big season sales and discounts for holidays.

Yet with all the advantages of the online shopping for clothes, there are some flaws. You are not able to try out your clothes to see if they fit you, you can’t feel the fabric either. I am offering you some easy-to-follow tips for a successful online shopping inspired by the many online shopping woes of customers around the world.

  1. Look at the return policy
  2. Before you buy your clothes online, read the return policy. Loyal clothing e-shops offer returns. Mistakes happen and it is always good idea to have a backup plan. Make sure that if it turns out that you need a different size, or you have changed your opinion and you want to buy something else, you can return your purchase to change it.

  3. Chart sizes
  4. Take into consideration that different countries have different sizes. Many customers underestimate this fact. When you are choosing your size, make sure you choose the right one. Most online shops for clothes offer chart size legend where you can see in detail what measures stand for each size number.

  5. Fabric content
  6. Since you cannot feel the materials of the clothes, read the fabric content. All good online clothing shops note the fabric content of each item in detail. Do not rely on an image to buy your clothing online. You are more likely to be unfortunate surprised with your choice.

  7. Research your online clothing store before buying from it
  8. There are clothing e-retailers that are quite disloyal. Often you pay for something that turns out to be different from what you have expected. Sometimes purchases take a lot longer time to arrive etc. You can find a lot of fashion forums, blogs about apparel and social networks where you can search for a loyal clothing e-store like that offers trendy apparel.

Online shopping for clothes saves time and money, but do it the right way. Shop reasonably.